Review: Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 2 and 6

Hola my beauty readers!
How are you? It's been awhile since I did my last review because I didn't really know what I had to review *sigh*
But today I want to review my new Maybelline's Lip Polish in Glam 2 and 6! In the US it's known as Elixir Lip Color.

The packaging is really cute right~

So basically, this lip product is NOT a lipstick (lol I know the packaging looks like lipstick)
I don't really know how to describe it.. It gives color, shine, and moisturise our lips as well! So, can I just say it's a lipstick + lipgloss + lip balm in One? Hahaha :p

The applicator seems similar with the L'Oreal Glossy Stain I think.. it's designed slightly curve upwards and in the tear-shaped so it allows easy yet precise application onto the lips which I like ^^

When I went to Maybelline counter I kinda disappointed because there were only 4 shades available in Indonesia (2 pinks, 1 coral, 1 dark berry) whereas there are over 20 shades available in the US.. It's unfair! :(

I decided to pick up the Glam 2 and 6! ^^

left: Glam 2, right: Glam 6

The formula itself is good as well! It's so moisturizing somehow it feels like lip balm, it doesn't have smell either, and not sticky at all.
So it would be great for those who has dry and chapped lips like me :p

left: Glam 2, right: Glam 6

If you're looking for lip products that long lasting, I don't recommend this for you. Because in my experience, I had to re-apply it around 3 - 4 hours without eating and drinking.

But it does leave stain (you can see it below)

after 20 minutes I wiped it off with tissue

You still can see the stain of Glam 2 on my hand (it also has a little bit of glitter!) but sadly, it's hardly seen on my lips T_T
Maybe because it's too light or maybe my lips are too dark? I'm not really sure hahaha.. so I prefer the darker shade such as Glam 6.

Let's see how it turns out on my lippies!

What do you think guys?? I love both of them!!

Glam 2 is perfect for daily uses because it's coral-ish and makes my face instantly fresh! 
Whereas Glam 6 is more suitable for a night out, very chic yet sexy. It also reminds me of Elsa's (from Disney Frozen) lip color! Loves it♡

What I like?
 Uber cute packaging!
 The color is buildable
 Non sticky
 Adds shine to the lips
 Affordable (IDR 80.000)

What I dislike?
- Only few shades available in Indonesia huft

Final Thoughts?
LOVE THIS! Definitely will re-purchase, especially the Glam 6 ^^ I also curious to try the pink shades, but we'll see! :p

That's all for this review. Will you guys try this one? If yes, tell me what you think :D
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19 komentar:

  1. aku pakeeee ini yg glam2 :D bagusss di aku keliatan stainnya, tp ga terlalu ngejreng, kayak pink natural gitu.. suka deh hehe tp glitter2nya ga suka :|
    yg ungu ga ada glitternya ya? di swatch engga keliatan ada glitternya.. mau beli yg ungu jg ahhh hehe thanks for the review!!


    1. waa curang bisa keliatan di kamu, berarti bibir ku terlalu gelap ya *hiks
      nggak ada kok itu dia polos, bagus banget aku sukaa.. stain nya merata gitu di bibir gak kayak lip tint (aku kalo pake lip tint biasanya gak merata, kyk di bagian tengahnya meraah banget di bagian luarnya gak terlalu) ayo dibeliiii! hihihi :p

  2. yg Glam cakep banget warnanyaa..suka! ini mirip L'Oreal Glossy stain ya? baunya jg mirip ga? soalnya, aku gak suka yg L'Oreal gara2 baunya agak aneh menurutku.

    1. glam 6 maksud kamu? hehe aku jg sukaa! kurang tau sih aku belum coba yang punya L'Oreal, tapi kurang lebih sama kali ya glossy dan meninggalkan stain. kl yang dr Maybelline ini gaada baunya sama sekaliii.. :D

  3. Dhanaaa ini lucu banget warnanya yang glam #6. tapi yang #2 pasti juga cantik bgt deh kalo di combo sama lipstick lainnya. hihi sayangnya aku belum nemu produk ini di mall terdekat hehe padahal pengen coba juga :D Cantik sekali kamuuuu, nice post say <3

    1. oiyaa aku gak kepikiran loh ka ayes utk di mix gitu!! ntar aku coba dehh.. hayo ka yg glam 6 nya dibeli, bagus lhooo hihihi :3

  4. Pelit yah di Indo cuma masuk 4 warna :(:( Mesti protes ke Maybelline minta masukin semua warna kesini >n< Suka warna dua-duanyaaaa <3 Kalo lewat counternya kudu colek2 nih hihihi


    1. ayo protes bareng2 biar warna lainnya dimasukin!! hahaha :P
      bener banget hrs dicobaa, kl dilewatin rugi wekekekek.. anyway thank you yah udh mampir kesini :D

  5. Flawless Dhana!! Wow, love the lipgloss!

    1. aww thank you :3 I love them too!

  6. blom sempet nyobain nih,tapi makin byk yg review jd ga sabar pengen coba juga.
    suka yg glam 6. :)

    1. hihi ayo dicobaa :p thank you ya udh mampir kesiniii! :D

  7. Waktu itu sempet mau beli cuma takut sticky hehe ternyata nggak sticky ya.
    Glam2 warnanya bagus yaaa! jd mupeng hehhe :p
    Thanks for the review beautiful :)


    1. aku jg kaget ternyata enak kok pas dipake nyaa.. hihi thank you for visiting! :D

  8. cantikk dhanaaa,ngiler banget nih liat ama keduaanyaa#nabung ;)
    salam kenal ya dhaana :D

  9. bagus yaa warna nya harus beliiii >.<

  10. warna yang glam 2 bagus banget ya..