How to: Make Your Eyes Bigger

Hi guys!
I want to share with you how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup, just follow my 5 super easy simple steps below and you're done :)

So let's jump right in!

See the difference?
Using circle lenses will emphasize your iris and make your eyes instantly bigger! :D
Here I'm using X2 softlens but I forgot the series, sorry :p

You can apply any kind of eyeshadow, but I suggest to apply light shimmery eyeshadow on the center of your lid because it will make your eyes rounder and more dimensional so it leaves a bigger appearance.
Here I'm using the NAKED palette [Virgin on the inner corners, Sin on the lid, Buck+Naked on the crease]

[ADDITIONAL TIPS: if you have monolids, you can use the scotch tape trick before you apply your eyeshadow]

Line the upper lash line but you have to get it thicker in the middle, like a half circle shape.
This will make your eyelids seems bigger.

Sweep the mascara upwards, concentrate on the roots and in the center part. This will make a rounder effect to your eyes.

This will make your sclera [the white part of your eyes] much bigger.

And you're done! :D

Easy right?

Hopefully this helps you all, thank you so much for reading :D
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