Review: Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream

Hi ladies!
Have you read my "2013 Beauty Favorites"?? I mentioned this product. Yep, I do really like it!!
Why? Let me tell you here :)

It comes with a hard plastic packaging so you don't have to worry to carry them anywhere!

It contains peptide complex, gingko water, and 50 kinds of botanical complex which are good for our skin :)

I got mine in shade 21 light pink beige, I thought that this colour doesn't suits me, but slowly they will blend into my skin tone :D

I know you guys still can see my acne, but I think it's the perfect amount of coverage for everyday use!

This seems embarrassing hahaha but to be honest, my skin is not in a really good condition right now T-T

See? There's redness and dry flaky skin around my mouth and a bit around my nose :(
It's caused by my toothpaste!! huhu I guess the formula is too strong :" But this bb cream cover the redness really well!

One thing I've just noticed is that this bb cream isn't suitable for dry flaky skin, they will make it more noticeable.

What I like?
 Lasting power!! 6 hours of application and no to touch up :D
 Blendable texture
 Very lightweight
 Natural coverage
 SPF + moisturizer in 1!!
 Has brightening effect *.*

What I dislike?
- Pricey
- Not suitable with flaky skin :( I have combination skin, around my nose usually tends to get red and flake off. I have to put extra moisturizer on those area to make a smooth surface, so the bb can glide easily.

Will I repurchase?
YAP!! :D

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How to: Make Your Eyes Bigger

Hi guys!
I want to share with you how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup, just follow my 5 super easy simple steps below and you're done :)

So let's jump right in!

See the difference?
Using circle lenses will emphasize your iris and make your eyes instantly bigger! :D
Here I'm using X2 softlens but I forgot the series, sorry :p

You can apply any kind of eyeshadow, but I suggest to apply light shimmery eyeshadow on the center of your lid because it will make your eyes rounder and more dimensional so it leaves a bigger appearance.
Here I'm using the NAKED palette [Virgin on the inner corners, Sin on the lid, Buck+Naked on the crease]

[ADDITIONAL TIPS: if you have monolids, you can use the scotch tape trick before you apply your eyeshadow]

Line the upper lash line but you have to get it thicker in the middle, like a half circle shape.
This will make your eyelids seems bigger.

Sweep the mascara upwards, concentrate on the roots and in the center part. This will make a rounder effect to your eyes.

This will make your sclera [the white part of your eyes] much bigger.

And you're done! :D

Easy right?

Hopefully this helps you all, thank you so much for reading :D
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My First Umrah Experience :")

Hi guys!
If you follow me on instagram you probably knew that I went to Saudi Arabia a couple of weeks ago to do my very first umrah..
It was the best trip EVER!! Not literally "trip" hahaha, but I can really feel myself to be "that" close to Allah :') *you know, it's the best feeling ever*

Thank you yaAllah for giving me the chance, and please accept our umrah.. Amin.

Not gonna speak a lot here, because I already made a documentary video for this *YAY*
But I'm so sorry if the quality of video isn't really good, and I'm speaking Bahasa Indonesia hehe.

Enjoy my dear!

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2013 Beauty Favorites

Happy New Year ladies!!  

How was your new year's eve? 
Alhamdulillah mine was WONDERFUL!!! I spent my last days of 2013 in Saudi Arabia to do my first Umrah :")
Thank you Allah for giving me a chance to visit Your Holy Ka'bah, I'm so looking forward to come back soon (insyaAllah..) I also filmed my journey, and will upload it as soon as I can! :D [the video is done! watch it here]

By the way, this post is about the beauty products that I love in 2013 which I've never done before. So here they are! :D

Best Moisturizer: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. The consistency is so smooth and silky, my face feeling soft and not greasy at all.

Best Foundation: Revlon Colorstay. This is my holy grail foundation! It has perfect coverage and oil control, no need to touch up. For everyday use, I usually mix it with my moisturizer.

Best BB Cream: Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream. Very lightweight but the coverage and oil control are excellent! (review about this is coming soon)

Best Concealer: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer. The lasting power is uh-mazing! It stays all day long, it doesn't breaks me out either ;)

Best Powder: Bourjois Healthy Balance. (See my review here)

Best Blush: NYX Cream Blush. Easy to apply, a little goes a long way!

Best Highlighter: the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. It has the most beautiful glow for my face :)

Best Palette: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. Everyone seems happy with the Naked 3, but I haven't tried it yet so this one is still the best for me :p

Best Eyeliner: Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner. Waterproof, smudged-proof, and easy to use :D

Best Mascara: Maybelline the Falsies.

Best Lipstick: Revlon Lipbutter.

Best Lipgloss: Revlon Colorburst. Super pigmented and non sticky. *kiss!*

Best Anti Frizz: Makarizo Advisor Anti Frizz Spray.

Best Hair Treatment: Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment.

Best Everyday Perfume: L'Occitane Verveine Menthe (Eau de Toilette).

Best Perfume for Any Event: ChloĆ© Eau de Parfum. Fyi, this is my 3rd bottle hahaha. I really love the smell

As you guys can see, most of them are drugstore products!!
Well, good job Maybelline and Revlon, you stole my heart :p

So, which products you want me to review for the next? Please leave a comment below, I'll happily write the review for you :)

Thank you pretties,
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