My 18th! :)

Halo semuanyaaaaa..
OMG it's 22nd of December already?! Phew.. 2013 is going so fast seriously :o
So, two days ago, I celebrated my 18th birthday with my junior high school sweethearts
I haven't seen them in ages!! We rarely see each other :( we're getting busy with our business. Huf I missed them so much! So I decided to celebrate my special day with them :D

PAD@28 is the lucky restaurant that we chose!
I ordered grilled organic boneless chicken, and here's the pict of it:

Seems mouthwatering isn't it?

But sorry to say, it HAS A BAD TASTE :(
It was tasteless.. seriously no lying. Was so disappointed because it's one of their recommended menu :(
The best part of it was just the texture of the skin (it was so crunchy *but still tasteless*) and the mayonnaise (so creamy and yummy!)

Nyamnyam.. "Time to eat!" lol

Even my dish was kinda failed, I still had a good time there! :D

Left to right: Me, Egi, Mellia, Talitha

And this is me & Mellia's OOTN! hahaha :p

Currently in love with this cute yellow shorts from PetiteCupcakes

After dinner, we decided to do karaoke at Happy Puppy! It was so random hahaha..

And this is the makeup that I wore..
I'm sorry if it isn't clear enough, I forgot to take selfie!! This is the one and only :p

"Friendship is like standing on wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder it's to leave, and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind."

source: Google :p

I think that's all for this post.. I'm really sorry for the bad quality pictures guys, didn't plan anything to post this in my blog!! :(

But thank you so much for reading,  HAPPY HOLIDAY! :)

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  1. Happy birthday dear! ♥ Jadi laper liat post ini :o

    1. Pdhl rasanya biasa aja loh hahahaha xp thank you cantiik!! :*