Review: Sleek i-Divine "Oh So Special" Palette

Halo semuanya!
I've been sooo curious to try out Sleek's eyeshadow palette, many compliments I've heard about their products so I decided to buy one C:

Let's take a look!

It comes with a simple packaging, just a matte black with a glossy Sleek written on it. Nothing special but thank God it doesn't look cheap! :"D

It contains 12 eyeshadows color, 5 of them are matte and the rest are shimmery shades. This palette has (almost) everything I need for a complete look!! :D

It has quite the same size as my Samsung Galaxy S4 :)

The swatch:

am sorry for the bad quality picture :(

-Bow: matte off-white (dupe for Foxy by UD)
-Organza: shimmery pink (dupe for Toasted by UD)
-Ribbon: pink salmon
-Basket: shimmery brown
-Glitzy: metallic grey with silver glitter (dupe for Gunmetal by UD)
-Celebrate: shimmery maroon
-Pamper: pale pink salmon
-Gateau: pink with gold shimmer
-The Mail: matte brown (I bet you can't clearly see, it has the same shade as my skintone -.-)
-Boxed: matte darker brown
-Wrapped up: matte reddish brown
-Noir: matte black

p.s: I'm not good enough at describing colors :p

The colors are so pigmented! I didn't use the primer to do the swatch. But to prevent creasing, I suggest to use eye primer underneath :)

Here are some looks I created using this eyeshadow palette:

Bow on all over the lid, Ribbon on the crease, Wrapped Up+Boxed on my outer V, upper and lower lash line.

You can leave it like that but I added a pop of blue on my waterline using Bourjois metallic eyeliner in 54 Blue Clinquant.

Bow on my inner corner and brow bone, Celebrate on the lid, Gateau on the center of the lid, Boxed on the crease, Noir on the outer C, Boxed+Noir on the lower lash line.

To make it more smokey, you can line your waterline with  black pencil liner and add more Noir on your outer C.

What I like?
Affordable!! (158k at Luxola)
Travel friendly
Great combination colors in 1 palette :)

What I dislike?
-The matte colors are kinda chalky
-Not available offline

Will I repurchase?
NOPE! It takes me forever to hit any pan of eyeshadow hahaha..

So what do you think pretty readers? :)
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  2. Halo kak dhana, aku baru belajar makeup nih, mau tanya dong, aku pingin beli eyeshadow Sleek i divine tapi bingung pilih yg a new day atau au natural? Aku jg masih kuliah kak, jd kegiatan paling sekitaran kampus atau jalan2 gt, dilema nih:')