Review: Sleek i-Divine "Oh So Special" Palette

Halo semuanya!
I've been sooo curious to try out Sleek's eyeshadow palette, many compliments I've heard about their products so I decided to buy one C:

Let's take a look!

It comes with a simple packaging, just a matte black with a glossy Sleek written on it. Nothing special but thank God it doesn't look cheap! :"D

It contains 12 eyeshadows color, 5 of them are matte and the rest are shimmery shades. This palette has (almost) everything I need for a complete look!! :D

It has quite the same size as my Samsung Galaxy S4 :)

The swatch:

am sorry for the bad quality picture :(

-Bow: matte off-white (dupe for Foxy by UD)
-Organza: shimmery pink (dupe for Toasted by UD)
-Ribbon: pink salmon
-Basket: shimmery brown
-Glitzy: metallic grey with silver glitter (dupe for Gunmetal by UD)
-Celebrate: shimmery maroon
-Pamper: pale pink salmon
-Gateau: pink with gold shimmer
-The Mail: matte brown (I bet you can't clearly see, it has the same shade as my skintone -.-)
-Boxed: matte darker brown
-Wrapped up: matte reddish brown
-Noir: matte black

p.s: I'm not good enough at describing colors :p

The colors are so pigmented! I didn't use the primer to do the swatch. But to prevent creasing, I suggest to use eye primer underneath :)

Here are some looks I created using this eyeshadow palette:

Bow on all over the lid, Ribbon on the crease, Wrapped Up+Boxed on my outer V, upper and lower lash line.

You can leave it like that but I added a pop of blue on my waterline using Bourjois metallic eyeliner in 54 Blue Clinquant.

Bow on my inner corner and brow bone, Celebrate on the lid, Gateau on the center of the lid, Boxed on the crease, Noir on the outer C, Boxed+Noir on the lower lash line.

To make it more smokey, you can line your waterline with  black pencil liner and add more Noir on your outer C.

What I like?
Affordable!! (158k at Luxola)
Travel friendly
Great combination colors in 1 palette :)

What I dislike?
-The matte colors are kinda chalky
-Not available offline

Will I repurchase?
NOPE! It takes me forever to hit any pan of eyeshadow hahaha..

So what do you think pretty readers? :)
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Review: Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips

Halo semuanya!
Woohoo I'm BEYOND happy!! This lip product is finally mine :")
When I saw it on other's blog, I fell in love.. The packaging is so girly and princessy, Etude House's packaging seriously never disappoints me.

Sadly, this Etoinette series isn't available in Indonesia :( but don't worry ladies!! There's lots of online shop selling this product :D (just simply search them on instagram!)

Anyway, let's start the review!!

See? The packaging and the detail are sooo pretty!! How can I not get attracted????

Here is the swatches:

I got trouble to get the color payoff (especially for the PPK001) but if you like sheer lip product, this product will be your favorite!

On the lips:
you can clearly see my mustache lol

PPK001: Baby pink color. But I think it doesn't suit my skintone, it's too pale for me :''

PPK002: True pink. Loves it!

PPK003: Peachy pink. Seems like my lip color but better lol, love it though

What I like?
The packaging..no doubt!
♥ The formula (it moisturise my lips and it doesn't feels sticky at all)
♥ It has a nice rose scents!! (but disappears upon application)
♥ Lasting power (it last for 4-5 hours)
♥ Not over glittery

What I dislike?
- shade PPK001 :(
- not available offline

Will I repurchase?
YAP!! And I like this product better than Revlon's Lip Butter.

Hopefully this review is useful for you guys.. Curious to try? mehehehe
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Review: NYX Matte Lipstick

Halo semuanya!
So I've never had a bright pink lipstick before, was too scared to use them on my lips hahaha..
But when I saw this shocking pink lipstick on NYX counter, I was attracted o.O

The color is just so bright, vibrant and it seems like Barbie's lip color 
I'd like to give it a try by buying this, and I hope it won't disappoint me!!

(FYI this is my very first NYX lipstick!! :p)

I quite like the packaging, I think it's kinda cute because we can actually see the product.

(using flash)

What I like:
 The texture (super creamy and it glides smoothly on my dry lips!!)
 The pigmentation (as you guys can see on the picture above, it is so pigmented)
Lasting power (it stays for around 5 hours) 
♥ The formula (it doesn't dries my lips)
Semi matte finish (not too matte, not too shiny. Kinda in between)

What I dislike: 
- none :"D

Will I repurchase?
YES!! But maybe in different color :p

Have you tried it? Love or hate?
I want to know what you guys think about this product, so feel free to comment in the comment section below :)

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Review: Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder

Halo semuanya! (it means, Hi everyone!)

So, 2 months ago one of my favorite Youtuber, Essie Button, made a video about the products that she loves from Bourjois, and one of them is this compact powder. I was so excited to try out, so I bought it at Watsons and it was 150k (hmm kinda pricey, huh?)

Let's start the review, shall we?

In my opinion the packaging seems cheap because it is made from plastic, BUT I don't really mind

They comes with a mirror, yay!

(Only using sunscreen and moisturizer underneath)

What I like:
♥ The smell (it has fruity scents and it makes me happy! lol)
♥ Oil Control (on my combination skin it gives me a matte finish around 6-7 hours, after that it gives a dewy finish but not over sheen)
 Silky and smooth finish!
Covers my redness and discoloration really well.

What I dislike:
- Doesn't comes with an applicator 

Will I repurchase it?

Thankyou guys for reading, 
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Tutorial: Easy Elegant Makeup

Halo semuanya!
So I have another tutorial for you :D
Bosen nggak dikasih tutorial terus? hahaha. Honestly, I kinda addicted with making videos, mumpung lagi ada mood nya gitu kan..

Okay, jadi makeup look ini menurut aku cocok banget untuk... apapun! hahahaha
as long as you want to look elegant :p

Enough with my selfie!! :p
Just simply click my tutorial below

Thankyou guys so much for reading,
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Tutorial: Ariana Grande Inspired Makeup

Halo semuanya! :D
Aku mau kasih tutorial tentang my FOTD yang muncul di post ku yang lalu.
Yap, makeup ku waktu itu terinspirasi dari Ariana Grande.

So, who's this girl that we're talking about?
She's a very talented singer and songwriter from America. Yang lagi booming banget itu loh.
Dan mukanya tuh, maniiiiiiiiiiiiiiez banget kayak gulali :")  dia juga kayaknya friendly banget *sok tau* *padahal nggak kenal*.

Pertama kali aku liat dia lewat youtube, when she wasn't this famous :") langsung suka karena emang suaranya dia enak banget untuk didengar.
I Googled her, then I found her signature makeup look.

A very natural makeup look with a little winged eye liner.

Kalian juga bisa lihat step by step nya dibawah ini :)

Thank you guys for reading :)
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Review: MAKE OVER Liquid Lip Color

Halo semuanya! :D
Aku baru aja beli Liquid Lip Color-nya MAKE OVER, it's in Fructis Peach.

Begitu coba di counternya aku langsung jatuh cinta *halah* karena harganya affordable banget hanya 67.000!! Dan juga susah banget lho cari warna nude yang pas untuk kulitku yang berwarna sawo matang.

Sebenernya rada bingung juga sama ni produk.
Judulnya kan "Liquid Lip Color" ya, tapi coba kamu lihat dibawah ini.

Kayak lip gloss kan?
Bingung nggak sih?
Apa yang dimaksud dengan Liquid Lip Color disini adalah lip gloss? hahahaha I have no idea.
Daripada bingung mending aku sebut aja itu lip gloss ya :p

But anyway I really like this product karena tahan lama (on my lips it stays for about 5-6 hours tanpa makan dan minum), so glossy, dan nggak feels sticky at all.

Will I repurchase it?
DEFINITLY WILL. Malah nyesel nggak beli warna lain hihihi.

And this is my FOTD with MAKE OVER's liquid lip color as a top coat :D
(will upload a tutorial for this look so stay tune!)

Thank you guys for reading,
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Tutorial: Natural Purple Makeup

Halo semuanya!
Pengumuman dulu nih, I didn't win the MUC.........hikZ. Yaaaa sedih sih but congrats to those of you who won it! :")

Okay, siapa disini yang suka warna ungu?
Let me guess, pasti hampir semua perempuan di dunia ini menyukai warna ungu, ya kan?! *soktau* and I'm proudly one of them hoho.
Purple flowers.. purple stationaries.. purple nail polishes.. oh how I love everything in purple!!

But how about purple eyeshadow? hmm......
Honestly, aku sih nggak terlalu suka pakai eyeshadow warna-warni, but hey!! Should I blacklist purple too?! ITS A BIG NO NO!!
Aku sampai berpikir seribu cara *lebay* gimana sih caranya agar tetap terlihat natural tapi tetap ada warna ungu nya, so I came up with this makeup look :)

There's a hint of purple yet still natural which I really like :)

Do you like the look? :D
Anyway, I filmed the process so you can watch it if you want! :)

Don't forget to click the thumbs up button if you like, thank you so much for reading :Dpost signature